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 play with a banned steam Id,

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play with a banned steam Id, Empty
PostSubject: play with a banned steam Id,   play with a banned steam Id, Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 10:02 pm

Just in case it has any effect, i cut and pasted vac.dll vacuum.dll and vac.dll

from steamapps and cprogram files\valve\steam\steam.dll

(tho I highly doubt its useful)

Next to your name, you'll see "Steam_0_0: XXXXXX"

1) Get Cheat Engine version 5.3

2) Find out your steam id using this


3) Open Steam.exe in cheat engine

search for 4 byte value which is your STEAM ID#

something like 43272

4) Cheat Engine will return like 7 addresses

Click the red arrow and add them all to the bottom list

5) now select all the bottom list click the first one and hold SHIFT and press END

6) right click -->change record-->value 5987435 (type some gibberish thats not too long)

7) now right click-->freeze all addresses in this list

Cool -->open counterstrike from steam

9) try to join a server using the method below.. between the equal signs..



AFter completing the above you now just need to connect to the server and enjoy.

you will need to complete these quick steps each time you want to run steam...until someone releases a c++ .dll or macro for this...(dynamic values ... and css crashed when i tried to find address for it...)


Well correct me if I'm wrong but ..tried many times and works.

1. Load Steam, login with your banned account.

2. right click a VAC secured game and get the ip

3. type ~ and console opens

4. type connect (the ip you saved)

5. enjoy accessing a vac secured server even though you are banned

(once it succesfully connects to the vac secure server you may use the same approach on different servers. If for some reason this fails, close hl2.exe or whatever game and then re-open it from steam and try again).

Now connect to servers using the method below and enjoy.

(an alternate way, for programmers and skilled people, is to find a memory value for disable servers and enable it perhaps, or to disable the game run in disabled mode, or to NOP the function that kicks you out if you are vac2 banned, or change your steam id.[i tried memory based, didnt go so great])

for people in this situation.

I found this while looking on the internet some stuff.

Regards ,
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play with a banned steam Id,
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